Audio, Visual and Lighting Solutions Provider

Our core focus at Executive AVL is mainly to provide turnkey solutions to production and event companies in Singapore, as well as developing ideas and action plans for restaurants, bars, clubs, to ballrooms, concerts, weddings, theatres and more venues.

The Executive Group strives to be your one-stop turnkey solutions provider for production and event companies in Singapore. Read more to find out our answer on audio, visual and lighting installation.

Authorised Dealer for Electro-Voice

We understand the importance of maintaining quality sound across every type of venue, and that is why we’ve partnered up with Electro-Voice as their authorised dealer. Every audio solution, from state-of-the-art digital signal processors and amplifiers, to speakers best known for their unparalleled reliability in the industry, each and every product carefully designed by teams of engineers and professionals driven by passion – we are able to consistently provide our clients nothing but high-calibre audio experience, always.


Sound Distribution & Installation

Through our ability to provide distribution and installation related services for audio equipment, we’ve opened up several avenues through sound and our experiential understanding for bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, places of worship, corporate buildings, theatres and stadiums, among many other types of establishments in Singapore.


Lighting Distribution & Installation

Providing lighting advice and solutions to clubs and countless events in Singapore over the last decade. With a range of lighting equipment manufactured by popular and classic makers, we now have the power to extend our assistance on lighting distribution and installation.


LED Wall Distribution & Installation

Imagine the future where walls, ceilings and virtually any venue that allows it, come to life with endless visual possibilities through the power of technology – from scenic life-sized waterfalls to mega-sized screens, bringing the stage closer to the audience. That future is now.

We actively provide installation and distribution solutions with our network of LED wall makers to hotels, restaurants, bars, live music venues, lounges and other commercial spaces, helping clients turn their ideas into reality.


AVL Consultancy

For advanced AVL concept design and prototyping, our team of experts can offer advice and tailored solutions for your event or business, we specialize in AVL solutions for bars, lounges, clubs, restaurants, large venues and business-to-business transactions.